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We produce polyurethane adhesives, including one-component polyurethane and two-component polyurethane. Polyurethane adhesives are specifically designed for use in the manufacture of sandwich panels for use as adhesives between panels and core materials. The metal panel may be a colored steel plate, a galvanized sheet or an aluminum plate. The non-metallic panel may be a calcium silicate board,a magnesium oxide plate, a gypsum board, an oriented particle board, and the like. Core material can be made of polystyrene, extruded polystyrene foam,rock wool, aluminum honeycomb, paper honeycomb, glass fiber cotton, perlite insulation board. Used in the manufacture of factories, cold storage or refrigeration equipment.

Recommended Products

Tools & Equipment

Agitator Mixer

Elevate adhesive preparation with our efficient mixer. Uniform blending ensures optimal bonding outcomes.

Gluing Machine

Enhance precision in adhesive application with our cutting-edge glue coating machine.

Dispensing Machine

The dispensing machine is an automated and precise liquid control equipment used in various industries.

Polyurethane Adhesive: Bonding the Future!

Quality Assurance

Our stringent production controls ensure that each batch of adhesive meets high-quality standards, offering reliable products to our customers.

Professional Expertise

We possess extensive industry experience and specialized knowledge to provide customers with tailored solutions for various applications.

Technical Support

Our dedicated technical support team assists customers by answering questions, providing guidance, and sharing best practices for adhesive application.

Innovative Solutions:

We consistently develop creative solutions to meet evolving market needs.

Skilled Team:

Our talented professionals contribute expertise and skills for our success.

Continuous Innovation:

We constantly innovate in operations and management, staying ahead in the industry.


We ensure efficient production for timely delivery of top-quality products.


We are professional factory in PU industry with more than 10 years experience with many experienced chemical engineers can provide your any solutions of polyurethane foam glue you need.

Our Factory is located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province.

By air: You can take a plan  to WUXI  airport from China,  if you fly from Korea ,Japan, USA, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand you will can directly fly to us.
By Train: You can stop at WUXI station, Not WUXI EAST station. 

Yes, of course. If you are in Wuxi airport or station, we can arrange a special car to pick you up directly to our factory.

We have two kinds PU adhesive. Single component polyurethane foam glue which can stick directly, and two component PU glue which need to mix as ratio.

It is Mainly applied in the sandwich panel, such as eps /xps/sip sandwich panel for wall and roof. Fireproof door or safety door made from MGO, aluminium honeycomb and paper honeycomb, calcium silicate board, perlite board, rock wool and so on.

25 kg plastic barrel, 50 kg /200kg/250kg iron drum, also packaging can be customized, pallet is supported.

We can adjust as client’s requirement.

Yes, we have certificate of liquid polyurethane adhesive.

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