Polyurethane SIP Panel

Our polyurethane structural insulating panels (SIP panels) not only provide excellent thermal insulation properties but also feature:
1. Efficient thermal insulation: Polyurethane SIP panels use high-density foam core to effectively isolate heat conduction, provide excellent thermal insulation performance for the building and reduce energy consumption.
2. Lightweight and high-strength: The structure is lightweight but high-strength, making construction more flexible and faster. Suitable for a variety of building types, from residential to commercial and industrial buildings.
3. Environmentally friendly materials: We use environmentally friendly polyurethane materials, which comply with green building standards and provide ideal solutions for sustainable construction.

Polyurethane SIP boards are widely used in various construction projects, including but not limited to:
Residential buildings: Provide efficient insulation, reduce energy consumption, and create a comfortable living environment.
Commercial Construction: Provide fast, efficient construction solutions for commercial spaces to support sustainable operations.
Industrial construction: In industrial projects, the light weight and high strength of SIP boards make the structure more stable and improve construction efficiency.

PU SIPs Panel Adhesive

We offer a variety of polyurethane glues to meet a variety of construction needs:

1. Structural adhesive:

high strength and excellent weather resistance, ensuring the firm connection of the building structure.

2. Thermal insulation glue:

specially designed for SIP boards, providing excellent thermal insulation performance and enhancing the thermal insulation effect of the overall building.

3. Multifunctional construction glue:

suitable for bonding and sealing various materials to ensure tight connections between various parts of the building.


High-strength bonding:

Provides reliable structural connections to ensure the stability of the building under various environmental conditions.

Weather resistance:

The glue has excellent weather resistance properties, ensuring that it remains sticky for a long time under different climate conditions.


Polyurethane glue is suitable for a variety of surfaces and has excellent adaptability, ensuring a wide range of applications.

With our polyurethane SIP panels and glue products, you will receive high-performance, sustainable and innovative building solutions to meet the needs of different projects.


Component A

Component B


Blended Polyol  

Polymeric isocyanate (MDI)


Light Yellow Homogeneous Liquid

Dark Brown Viscous Liquid

Mixing Ratio (W) 


Cure Time (20℃)

48~52 second

Our polyurethane SIP sheets and glue are manufactured using advanced production processes to ensure the products meet the highest standards. Key steps include:

1. Raw material screening:

We procure high-quality raw materials from reliable vendors and ensure that the products always meet the specifications and standards.

2. Mix and react:

Through a precise mixing process, the polyurethane material is ensured to obtain consistent performance during the reaction, improving the strength and stability of the product.

3. Forming and mold design:

We use advanced mold technology to ensure the precise shape and size of SIP panels. Glue products are precision formed to meet the needs of different applications.

4. Curing and curing treatment:

Through a precise curing process, the product is ensured to obtain the best physical and chemical properties after production. Special curing treatment ensures product stability and reliability.

5. Cutting and finishing:

SIP panels are precisely cut and arranged to ensure each panel meets design specifications for easy installation on construction projects.

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