Rebound Foam Glue
Explore the future journey of Rebond Foam Glue! Welcome to the innovative world of Rebond Foam Glue. We are not just a glue but an ideal partner for your eco-friendly projects and repair endeavors.
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Why Choose Rebond Foam Glue?

Sustainable Development

Rebond Foam Glue is a product of our commitment to sustainable development. Using recycled materials and advanced technology, we contribute to environmental conservation and offer an excellent adhesive for your projects.

Innovative Technology

Rebond Foam Glue incorporates the latest technological advancements, ensuring outstanding performance. Its strong adhesion and adaptability are the result of technological innovation, providing reliable bonding and repair solutions for your projects.

Environmental Attributes

Choosing Rebond Foam Glue means choosing an environmentally friendly option. Made with recycled materials and free from harmful substances, it contributes to both project efficiency and environmental health.

Environmental Innovation

Rebond Foam Glue is not just a glue; it’s an environmental innovation. Through technology and innovation, we aim to provide a more eco-friendly and sustainable choice for your projects.

rebond foam glue
Product name:MDI Glue 
Certificates:ROHS&REACH 201
Features:Advantage price, High quality
Application:Producing re-bonded foam
Packing:Packing with iron drum
Color:Light Yellow or Brown
Type:Liquid glue

Strong Adhesion and Adaptability

Rebond Foam Glue excels in strong adhesion, ensuring stability in bonding and repairing recycled sponges. It performs exceptionally well on both smooth and porous surfaces, providing excellent support for your projects.


After multiple tests, Rebond Foam Glue demonstrates excellent durability. It can withstand daily friction, pressure, and various environmental conditions, ensuring a strong connection over long-term use.

Environmental Attributes

Made with environmentally friendly materials, Rebond Foam Glue aligns with green principles, containing no harmful substances. It’s an investment in both project quality and Earth’s health.

Easy Operation

Rebond Foam Glue adopts a user-friendly design for easy use, making it convenient for projects, saving time and effort.

Adaptable to Various Materials

Rebond Foam Glue adapts to various materials, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of projects, from soft to hard recycled sponges.

Long-lasting Performance

The bonding effect of Rebond Foam Glue exhibits long-term stability, maintaining efficient connection performance over many years.

User’s Guidance

Easy to use instructions

Prepare the Surface

Ensure that the surface of the recycled sponge is dry and clean before applying Rebond Foam Glue.

Apply the Glue

Use a professional brush, fingertips, or an applicator tool to evenly apply Rebond Foam Glue to the areas that need bonding or repair.

Wait for Drying

Wait at least 24 hours for the glue to dry thoroughly, ensuring a strong connection.


Use in a ventilated environment:

When using regenerated sponge glue, please maintain ventilation to ensure that the operating environment will not affect human health.

Avoid contact with eyes and mouth:

If regenerated sponge glue accidentally comes into contact with eyes or mouth, rinse immediately with clean water and seek professional medical advice.

Temperature control:

In low temperature environments, the drying process can be accelerated, but excessive temperatures should be avoided.
Avoid moving the connection parts: During the glue drying process, avoid moving the connection parts to ensure the firmness of the connection.

Store leftover glue:

If there is leftover glue, make sure it is sealed and stored to prevent air from entering the bottle.

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