Why Choose Honeycomb Panel Glue?

1. Lightweight High Strength:

Our polyurethane honeycomb board adhesive stands out with its lightweight properties and exceptional strength. It ensures outstanding support regardless of the scale of your project.

2. Corrosion Resistance:

Excelling in harsh environments, our adhesive resists corrosion, ensuring the longevity and durability of your structures and designs.

3. Multi-sector Applications:

Suitable for various industries including construction, transportation, aerospace, and more. Whether constructing the cities of the future or manufacturing advanced transportation, we offer innovative solutions.

4. Adhesive Performance:

Unique adhesive properties enable our polyurethane honeycomb board adhesive to securely bond various materials, ensuring the overall stability of your project.

Curing time

  1. The adhesive curing time according to user requirements from 15min to 8 Hour adjustable, and must be pressed with pressor cure time in 1/4 time, otherwise it will affect the bonding strength (such as user requirements provided by the factory adhesive curing time is 1h, from the beginning to the glue into the press must be within 15min)
  2. If the user has a pressing machine, then press the temperature of 80℃± 20℃ curing time is 15min

Packing Storage

25kg, 50kg, 250kg barrels, room temperature

shelf life of: one Year

25 KG Plastic Barrel
25 kg packaging barrelis suitable for customers who only want to buy some polyurethane sealant for sample and test.

50 KG lron Drum
50 kg packaging drum is suitable for those small sandwich panel manufacturers whose productivity is not too high.

250 KG Iron Barrel
250 kg packaging barrel is suitable for big sandwich panel walls factories who need amount of bonding glue for sandwich panel roof and wall.

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