PU Wood Adhesive
Crafting Excellence, Bonding Dreams –
Our Adhesives, Your Masterpiece!

Unrivaled Adhesive Power

Our polyurethane woodworking adhesive stands out with its exceptional bonding strength, ensuring a resilient connection between wood pieces for projects that endure.

Waterproof and Moisture-Resistant Magic

A unique formula empowers our adhesive with outstanding resistance to water and moisture, guaranteeing steadfast adhesion even in humid conditions, and resisting the warping effects of moisture.

Brave the Elements

Come rain or shine, our polyurethane woodworking adhesive remains steadfast, offering unwavering support for your projects in all weather conditions.

User-Friendly Charm

Simplicity meets functionality! Our adhesive is designed for both seasoned woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts, making it a breeze to tackle a variety of woodworking projects.

Table of contents

Component A

Component B

Product Description

Mixed polyols

Polymer Isocyanate (MDI)


Light yellow homogeneous liquid

dark brown viscous liquid


800±100 cos



220 kg/iron drum

250kg/iron drum

Density (kg/m3)

1.5 ~ 1.8 cm

Mixing ratio (W)

A: B = 1:1.25

Cream time (20 ℃)

Month ~ second of month

Gel time (20 ℃)

28 ~ 32 second

Curing time (20 ℃)

48 ~ 52 second

Strength (MPa)



The reaction speed can be adjusted according to the operating temperature and speed of the operating vehicle.

Production Process and Quality Control

Advanced Production Process

We build upon advanced production processes to ensure that every drop of adhesive undergoes rigorous quality control. The production workflow adheres to high standards, employing multiple layers of monitoring through quality testing equipment to guarantee the reliability and stability of our products.

Technical Support

Professional Team: Our experienced technical team is ready to provide you with professional support. Whether it’s guidance on the correct usage of our products or advice for specific projects, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive guidance and recommendations.

Usage Guides: Detailed usage guides are available on our website, covering the adhesive’s application scope, construction methods, and solutions to common issues. Through clear guidance, we ensure that users receive comprehensive support throughout the usage process.

One-Stop Service

Supply of Supporting Equipment: In addition to high-quality polyurethane woodworking adhesive, we offer a one-stop service by supplying advanced equipment that complements our products. From adhesive application tools to precision application devices, we ensure that what you receive is not just adhesive but a robust support system.

Customized Solutions: Tailored to different industries and project requirements, we provide customized solutions, including advice on adhesive selection, construction processes, and recommendations for supporting equipment. This ensures that your project receives optimal holistic support.

We don’t just provide adhesive; we deliver a commitment to excellence, supported by advanced production processes, a dedicated technical team, and a comprehensive one-stop service.

A,B glue after mixing , it must be used within 15min.

5kg,10kg,25kg barrels,room temperature shelf life of: one year.

1 KG can coat about 5 square meters.

Cure time is customized .
One-component glue cures by reacting with oxygen in the air. Gas will be released during the curing process, causing the bulge to expand. It is recommended to apply pressure after applying glue to make the material bond more firmly, but it cannot be used in the flooring industry. One-component glue can better penetrate into the material structure, so the one-component glue has strong bonding fastness and is easy to operate.
Two-component glue is cured by mixing and reacting materials A and B. The two-component glue does not penetrate but floats on the surface, so the bonding fastness is slightly inferior to that of single-component glue. But two-component glue cures faster.

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