Fully Automatic Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machine Electronic PUR Hot Melt Structural Glue Glue Applicator


The hot melt glue dispensing machine is a widely used automation device in industrial manufacturing. It is employed for the precise application of hot melt adhesive or glue onto various material surfaces to achieve bonding, sealing, encapsulation, and coating requirements. Here are the main features and applications of the hot melt glue dispensing machine:

  1. High-Precision Coating: The hot melt glue dispensing machine utilizes precise control systems and nozzles to achieve highly accurate adhesive application, ensuring even coating without excess or insufficiency.
  2. Rapid Response Time: These machines are equipped with fast heating and cooling systems, allowing for quick adhesive melting and solidification, thereby enhancing production efficiency.
  3. Versatile Applications: Hot melt glue dispensing machines find applications in various industrial sectors, including electronics assembly, automotive manufacturing, packaging, woodworking, textiles, and medical devices.
  4. Automation in Production: They can be integrated into production lines to achieve a high degree of automation, reducing labor costs and increasing production efficiency.
  5. Programmable Control: These machines feature programmable controls, enabling adjustments to meet different process requirements and product specifications, providing customized coating solutions.


Model Hot Melt Dispensing Robot
Trip 300*300*100 / 500*300*300*100mm
Programing mode Import teaching programming or graphics
Movable graphics track Point ,line, are, circle ,curve, multiple lines, spiral, ellipse
Dispensing needle PUR Dispensing Head / PUH Dispensing Head
Dispensing cylinder 30ml / 50ml / 300ml / 5KG
Minimum discharge 0.01ml
The glue frequency 5 times/SEC
Load X/Y axle load 10kg
Z axle load 5kg
Axial dynamic speed



0 ~600mm/sec
Resolving power) 0.01mm/Axis
Repeated positioning accuracy Screw drive 0.01 ~0.02
synchronous belt drive 0.02 ~0.04
Program record mode At least 100 groups, 5000Points each
Display mode LCD teaching box
Motor system Japan precision micro stepping motor
Drive mode Guide Taiwan upper silver linear guide rail
Wire rod Taiwan silver bar
Belt Italy Lartey synchronous belt
X/Y/Z axis synchronous belt for standard configuration, Z axis screw rod is optional, X/Y/Z axis screw rod for customization
Motion filling function Three dimensional space any route
Input power Full voltage AC110~220V
External control interface RS232
Motor control shaft number 3 axis / 4 axis
Axis range(mm) X axis 300  (Customized)
Y axis 300  (Customized)
Z axis 100  (Customized)
R axis 360° (Customized)
Outline size(mm) 540*590*630mm / 740*590*630mm
Weight(kg) 48kg / 68kg


  • Electronics Manufacturing: In electronics assembly, hot melt glue dispensing machines are used for securing and sealing electronic components, circuit boards, and cable connections, ensuring the stability and protection of electronic products.
  • Automotive Manufacturing: In the automotive industry, these machines are employed for coating, sealing, and bonding automotive interior components, enhancing water resistance and structural stability in vehicles.
  • Packaging Industry: Hot melt glue dispensing machines are used in the packaging industry for box sealing, bag sealing, label application, and packaging material assembly, ensuring strong and reliable packaging.
  • Woodworking and Furniture Manufacturing: In woodworking and furniture manufacturing, they are used for bonding and gluing wood and furniture components, providing robust adhesion.
  • Medical Devices: In medical device manufacturing, hot melt glue dispensing machines are utilized for bonding and sealing various components of medical instruments, ensuring safety and hygiene.
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