H250CR Two Component High Permeability Aadhesive PU Glue For Pebbles

Unveil the pinnacle of adhesive excellence with our Polyurethane Adhesive, boasting unparalleled features. High permeability ensures optimal bonding, while strong bearing capacity guarantees steadfast adhesion under stress. Experience stability even in elevated temperatures through efficient heat dissipation. Streamlined application offers convenience, maintaining an eco-conscious approach. Elevate your projects with our innovative Polyurethane Adhesive.


  1. High water permeability: Polyurethane permeable products are known for their high water permeability, which can effectively allow water to permeate and provide continuous water supply to the surface. This contributes to the replenishment of groundwater and relieves pressure on urban drainage.
  2. Strong load-bearing capacity: Polyurethane permeable products have excellent load-bearing capacity and can withstand various loads. Whether it is pedestrian traffic or vehicle load, it can achieve a water-permeable effect while maintaining a solid foundation.
  3. Good heat dissipation ability: The product has excellent heat dissipation ability, which can effectively reduce the surface temperature and improve the urban heat island effect. This contributes to a more pleasant urban environment.
  4. Convenient construction environment: The construction of polyurethane permeable products is convenient and quick, which can not only improve the construction efficiency, but also reduce the interference to the environment. This convenient method of construction helps save time and resources.



Serial number Test item Unit Index
1 Appearance A component:light yellow liquid
B component:White liquid
2 Viscosity mpa.s A component:3500±100
B component:210±50
3 Solid content % ≥95
4 Specific weight g/cm3 A component:1.00± 0.10

B component:1.20 ± 0.10

5 Hardness Shore D 70 ± 5
6 Tensile strength Mpa ≥   15
7 Tear strength N/mm ≥   50
8 Suitable duration min 100g   ≥   15 min
9 Solidifying time h Initial curing ≤3h basic curing 24h final curing 7 days


  1. municipal walks
  2. garden paths
  3. city squares
  4. high-end residential areas
  5. parking lots
  6. business office buildings
  7. outdoor sports places

Operation Instructions

  1.  Remove weathering or oxides from the construction base surface to make it a clean, dry surface.
  2. Weigh component A: Component B =2:1 (can not be estimated), or pour material B into A barrel, stir for 1 ~ 2 minutes, until completely stirred evenly, forming a binder with a certain consistency;
  3. Pour the colored ball stone and adhesive into the blender in a ratio of 30:1 and mix well.
  4. The stirred base material is poured into the construction site, and scraped flat with a manual scraper or a professional paver to full pressure.
  5. Adhesive curing time is 8-36 hours (depending on temperature).


After each use of glue, the glue bucket with excess glue should be sealed and stored to prevent moisture from invading and causing the upper layer of glue to solidified crust.

Storage and packaging:

Storage: In general indoor warehouse, storage period of one year.

Packing: Group A 10 kg iron drum Group B 10 kg plastic drum.




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