PU Glue Dispensing Machine Sandwich Panel Making Machine


Compact Portability: The handheld design of this gluing machine ensures exceptional portability, allowing for easy maneuvering and adaptability to diverse work environments. Whether within the workshop, along assembly lines, or in areas requiring mobile operations, it effortlessly meets your coating needs.

Simple and Intuitive Operation: Prioritizing user experience, our handheld gluing machine not only boasts lightweight convenience but also ensures straightforward and intuitive operation. Even for first-time users, it facilitates quick familiarization, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.

Versatile Adaptability to Various Scenes: The lightweight handheld feature makes this gluing machine particularly suitable for production scenarios requiring frequent movement, injecting greater flexibility into your production line. Its compact design also enables easy access to narrow or hard-to-reach areas for precise coating applications.

Portability Without Compromising Performance: Despite its lightweight and portable design, rest assured that this gluing machine maintains exceptional coating quality. With efficient coating systems and precision control technology, it delivers outstanding performance while being effortlessly portable.


Output 200~500g
Glue Tank 88L
Motor 4.5KW
Clean Tank 10L
Hose 5m


1. Packaging Industry: The gluing machine plays a crucial role in the packaging industry, ensuring even application of adhesive on cartons, packaging materials, or labels. Its precise coating technology guarantees sealing integrity and consistent aesthetics.

2. Printing Sector: In the printing field, the gluing machine is an indispensable tool for accurately positioning adhesive during the printing process, ensuring the quality and adhesion of printed materials.

3. Paper Manufacturing: For paper manufacturers, the gluing machine is employed to uniformly apply water-resistant or enhancing adhesives on the paper surface, improving paper quality and versatility.

4. Woodworking: In woodworking, the gluing machine is used to bond wood, composite materials, or in furniture manufacturing, ensuring adhesive is applied evenly and securely to various components.

5. Automotive Production: Widely applied in automotive manufacturing, the gluing machine is utilized for body sealing and waterproof adhesive application, enhancing the durability and quality of automotive components.

6. Electronics Manufacturing: In the electronics industry, the gluing machine is used for precise application of adhesives on electronic components, protecting circuit boards from moisture, dust, and environmental factors.

7. Medical Device Manufacturing: In the production of medical devices, the gluing machine is employed for accurate coating of medical-grade adhesives, ensuring products meet stringent medical standards.

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