M230 Polyurethane Low Temperature Resistance Adhesive PU Glue For Metal


  1. Excellent adhesion: Our polyurethane glue has excellent adhesion, which can firmly connect different materials firmly and ensure a reliable bonding effect.
  2. Low temperature resistance: Not affected by the low temperature environment, our glue can still maintain stable performance under cold conditions, ensuring the reliability of the connection.
  3. Heat and Cold Resistance: Whether in freezing cold or hot environments, our urethane glue maintains stable performance, ensuring long-lasting connections in all temperatures.
  4. Moisture and heat resistance: With excellent moisture and heat resistance, our glues also maintain excellent performance in wet and high temperature environments.
  5. Insect and moth resistance: Resists insect damage and decay, ensuring the stability and durability of the connection.
  6. Flame retardant and self-extinguishing: Our polyurethane glue is flame retardant and self-extinguishing, which provides an additional guarantee for the safety and reliability of the connection.

Ratio and performance

(1)Weight ratio A:B=1:1.25 (vertical machine) A:B=1:1.5 (horizontal machine)

(2)The use of viscosity 30 ~ 450mpa.s

(3)Adhesive does not contain solvent

(4)Curing time of adhesive after mixing is 50 seconds (specific formula can be adjusted according to user requirements)

(5)Shear strength ≥200Kpa (polystyrene foam board or rock wool damage or rock wool)

(6)peeling strength ≥300Kpa (polystyrene foam board or rock wool damage)

Storage and packaging

(1)Storage: in general indoor warehouse, the storage period is six months.

(2)packaging: A component 200, B component 250 kg/ iron drum.

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