H2203 PU Adhesive Polyurethane Aging Resistance Glue For Aluminum Honeycomb Panel


  1. Excellent peel strength: Not only does it perform well in connection, our glue also has excellent peel strength when it needs to be peeled off or disassembled, ensuring the reliability and convenience of connection.
  2. High and low temperature resistance: No matter in extreme high temperature or extremely cold environment, our polyurethane glue can maintain stable performance and ensure that the connection is not affected by temperature.
  3. Anti-aging: In long-term use, the glue is not easy to age and deteriorate, maintains stable performance, and prolongs the life of the connection.
  4. Easy construction: Our polyurethane glue has convenient construction properties, which can be easily applied and bonded, saving you time and labor.


(1)Remove oil, floating ash, rust and water on the surface of the working object to make it a clean surface.

(2)The A glue and B glue according to the ratio of 4:1 weighing (can also be measured by the container) pour on the working surface, with the scraper to stir into a uniform light brown sticky body, with the tooth height of 1mm, the tooth distance of 1mm jagged scraper to apply the adhesive on the working surface, the coating amount is controlled at 350g/m2.

(3)Then the adhesive is compounded on the adhesive surface and pressed tightly with a press to ensure that the adhesive is in full contact with the adhesive (the press pressure is 0.5kg/cm2). (Wipe plastic floor with cloth, drain air)

(4)The press can be loosened after curing.

Curing time

(1) The curing time of the adhesive can be adjusted within 15min to 8h according to the user’s requirements, and must be pressed with a press within 1/4 of the curing time, otherwise the bonding strength will be affected (if the user requires the curing time of the adhesive provided by the factory to be 1h, it must be carried out within 15min from the glue coating to entering the press).

(2) If the user has a hot press, the curing time is 15min when the press temperature is 80 ° C ±20 ° C.

Pressure curing

after scraping, you can cover the adhesive, enter the press or vacuum blister, if not warm pressure 5 ~ 6 hours can loosen the press, such as heating to 80 ~ 120 degrees pressure 20 minutes can loosen the press, after loosening the press can enter the next process, but do not destructive test, to 3 ~ 4 days to the best strength.


(1)aluminum honeycomb panel

(2)plastic floor

(3) foam plastic

(4)metal material (iron, aluminum, stainless steel)

(5) concrete


(7) hard PVC plastic


(9)hard foam material


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