100 Gallons Pneumatic Agitator Mixer Mixing Machine

Whether it is industrial production, laboratory research or other application fields, our products always provide you with efficient and stable mixing solutions. Through advanced pneumatic technology, our products achieve precise mixing control and are suitable for the mixing process of various materials such as liquids, granules and powders. Adjustable speed design, durable materials, no operator interface, and versatile accessories make our stirrers the ideal partner for successful production and research.


  1. High Mixing Efficiency: Our agitator employs advanced mixing technology, enabled by the pneumatic mechanism, facilitating quick and uniform blending of liquids, particles, or powders. This ensures an increase in production efficiency.
  2. Adjustable Speed Control: The PU Mixer’s mixing speed can be easily adjusted, allowing you to achieve precise mixing effects tailored to your specific needs.
  3. Stability and Reliability: Crafted from durable materials, our agitator is designed for stability and reliability even during extended operation, making the Pneumatic Agitator an indispensable asset.
  4. User-Friendly Operation: The simple control interface ensures effortless operation, making it accessible to users without professional mixing experience.
  5. Versatile Design: Our agitator comes with various attachments suitable for different types and scales of mixing tasks, making the PU Mixer adaptable to diverse applications.


Power 3/4HP
Horizontal Board 60cm(customized)
Impeller diameter 16cm or 20cm
Speed 2400RPM
Stirring rod length 88cm
Stirring capacity 400kg


Our mixer finds application across a diverse range of fields, including but not limited to:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: The Pneumatic Agitator excels in blending drug ingredients, reactants, and media to ensure uniform drug preparation.
  • Food and Beverage Production: In food production, the PU Mixer effectively blends ingredients, seasonings, and additives to maintain high-quality standards.
  • Cosmetics Manufacturing: The agitator is crucial for mixing cosmetic components, ensuring stability and consistency in cosmetic products.
  • Research Laboratories: The PU Mixer finds a place in various research experiments, spanning fields from biochemistry to physics, enhancing the precision of mixing.
  • Industrial Production: The Pneumatic Agitator is a reliable choice for mixing diverse raw materials such as paints, pigments, and adhesives, significantly enhancing production outcomes.

No matter your mixing requirements, our agitator product lineup, including the PU Mixer and Pneumatic Agitator, can provide you with dependable solutions, supporting your production and experimental endeavors.


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