Polyurethane Liquid Foam Adhesive For Fireproof Door


  1. Easy application: The easy application properties of the glue make it easy to apply, no matter your experience level.
  2. Foaming after the glue line is cured: The glue produces foam after the glue line is cured, which provides additional filling and bonding properties and enhances the reliability of the connection.
  3. Non-dissolving and non-melting: No matter what the conditions, our polyurethane glue remains stable and does not dissolve or melt, ensuring a strong connection.
  4. High and low temperature resistance: The glue has excellent high and low temperature resistance, and can maintain excellent performance under extreme temperatures to ensure the stability of the connection.


(1)Curing principle: the adhesive is a single component solvo-free, by the air and the surface of the adhesive adsorption of water curing, before curing can be dissolved in ethyl acetate or acetone, after curing the adhesive layer is insoluble and non-melting.

(2)The sticky surface treatment: remove the sticky surface oil and floating ash, too much oil can be cleaned by acetone into xylene, if no pollution does not need to be cleaned, such as cleaning the water on the sticky surface is also cleaned, will affect the curing time, if necessary, can be used sprayer on the adhesive surface a small amount of water mist.

(3)Glue: the glue is evenly coated on the surface of the adhesive with a toothed scraper, but it can also be mechanically rolled, but it can not be brushed with a brush (glue viscosity is large), the amount of glue per square meter is about 150-250g, the surface of the adhesive is smooth and can be reduced, the surface can be slightly rough, that is, as long as the two surfaces of the adhesive can fully contact the glue on the basis of the coating amount of glue the less the better,the more the amount of glue, and the limited water adsorbed on the surface of the adhesive, will affect the curing time, such as some occasions require a large amount of glue, a small amount of water mist can be sprayed appropriately.


Appearance dark brown or tan viscous liquid
Density(g/cm3) 1.15±0.05
Viscosity(pa.s) 5~20
Soluble soluble in acetone, ethyl acetate, etc
Coating capacity 180~200g/m2
Non-volatile matter ≥94%
Activation time >45 minutes; Curing time<4~5h
Bonding strength 1. ≥15Mpa (GB6329, metal and metal)

2.non-metal damage (GB6329, metal and thermal insulation, fireproof materials)

Storage and packaging:

(1)Storage: In general indoor warehouse, storage period of one year.

(2)Packaging: 25kg/ plastic drum 50kg, 100kg/iron drum.


(1) manufacture of fireproof doors,, can also be used for metal and metal bonding.

(2)anti-theft doors

(3)household doors

(4)refrigeration equipment in a variety of composite plates


(6)thermal insulation materials (rock wool, ceramic wool, ultra-fine glass wool, polystyrene foam, etc.) adhesion


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