Automatic Syringe Dispensing Machine


Dispensers are highly sophisticated industrial automation equipment widely used in electronics, automotive, medical, aerospace and other manufacturing fields. Its main function is to precisely apply glue, sealant or adhesive on the surface of various materials to achieve the fixing, encapsulation or connection of parts.

  • High-precision coating: Our glue dispenser adopts advanced control technology and precise nozzles, which can achieve highly accurate glue coating to ensure product quality and stability.
  • Automated production: The glue dispenser can realize the automatic glue coating process, improve production efficiency, reduce manual intervention, and reduce production costs.
  • Multi-functional application: Our glue dispenser can adapt to various glue types and process requirements, including dispensing, coating, sealing, packaging and other applications, which can meet the needs of different industries.
  • Flexibility and customization: Our dispensers can be customized according to the specific needs of customers, including the size of the work area, nozzle type, control system, etc., to adapt to various production environments.
  • Easy operation: Our dispensing machine is equipped with a user-friendly interface and operating system, enabling operators to easily master operating skills and quickly adjust parameters to meet different process requirements.
  • Reliable quality: Our dispensing machines use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure product stability and durability and reduce maintenance costs.



Model Dispensing robot
Trip 300*300*100 / 500*300*300*100 mm
Programing mode Import teaching programming or graphics
Movable graphics track Point ,line, are, circle curve, multiple lines, spiral, ellipse
Dispensing needle Plastic needle/TT needle
Dispensing cylinder 3CC/5CC/10CC/30CC/55CC/100CC/200CC/300CC/500CC
Minimum discharge 0.01ml
The glue frequency 5 times/SEC
Load X/Y axle load 10kg
Z axle load 5kg
Axial dynamic speed 0~600mm/sec
Resolving power 0.01mm/Axis
Repeated positioning accuracy Screw drive 0.01 ~0.02
synchronous belt drive 0.02 ~0.04
Program record mode At least 100 groups, 5000Points each
Display mode LCD teaching box
Motor system Japan precision micro stepping motor
Drive mode Guide Taiwan upper silver linear guide rail
Wire rod Taiwan silver bar
Belt Italy Lartey synchronous belt
X/Y/Z axis synchronous belt for standard configuration, Z axis screw rod is optional, X/Y/Z axis screw rod for customization
Motion filling function Three dimensional space any route
Input power Full voltage AC110~220V
External control interface RS232
Motor control shaft number 3 axis
Axis range X axis 300(Customized)
Y axis 300 (Customized)
Z axis 100(Customized)
R axis 360°(Customized)
Outline size(mm) 540*590*630mm / 740*590*630mm
Weight (kg) 48kg / 68kg


Our precision coating robot is a multi-purpose automation equipment widely used in various industrial fields to provide customers with excellent coating, bonding and sealing solutions.

  • Electronics manufacturing: In the electronics industry, our precision coating robots are used for the packaging of tiny electronic components, coating conductive pastes, solders or sealants to ensure the stability and reliability of electronic products. Whether it is a smartphone, a tablet or a tiny sensor, our robots are able to apply coatings precisely and to the highest precision.
  • Automotive Manufacturing: In the automotive industry, our robots are used to apply automotive parts such as sealants, paints, adhesives to improve the durability and safety of the vehicle. These applications include areas such as body sealing, tire manufacturing, window coating and bonding of automotive glass.
  • Medical device manufacturing: In the medical industry, our robots are used to precisely apply biocompatible coatings to medical devices, ensuring the safety and reliability of medical devices. These applications include the coating of medical catheters, implantable medical devices and medical sensors.
  • Aerospace: In aerospace, our precision coating robots are used to apply anti-corrosion coatings, thermal barrier coatings and structural adhesives on aircraft and spacecraft components to ensure aircraft safety and performance.
  • General Manufacturing: In addition, our robots are widely used in general manufacturing, including furniture manufacturing, glass crafting, metal fabrication and plastic products, providing high-precision coating and bonding for various industrial processes.
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