Factory Direct Sale Glue To Rebound Foam Polyurethane Adhesive

Regenerated sponge belongs to the recycling of industrial waste of polyurethane products. Its use value is no less than that of sponges. It is made of industrial sponge waste after crushing, stirring glue, steam high-temperature sterilization, deodorization and compression molding. The production cost is greatly reduced in terms of production cost. It has good elasticity, good resistance, no deformation, and no peculiar smell. It can be made into products of various densities according to customer needs.

The high-density and high-elasticity regenerated sponge reaches a density of 60 kg/m3 Above, it has the characteristics of high-efficiency flame retardancy, good tensile force, high elasticity, and no deformation. After being sterilized and deodorized by high-pressure steam, it is environmentally friendly, economical and practical. It can be widely used to make sofas, mattresses, boss chairs, sports equipment, such as sponge gymnastic mats, sponge fitness mats, sponge wrestling mats, sponge car seat cushions and other products. This product has been widely accepted by countries all over the world.

Recycled sponge glue polyurethane slurry features: high adhesion, elasticity, good resistance, fast curing speed, low cost, strong relay, the product does not contain benzene substances, green and environmentally friendly, economical and applicable.

Product name: MDI Glue 
Certificates: ROHS&REACH 201
Features: Advantage price, High quality
Application: Producing re-bonded foam
Packing: Packing with iron drum
Color: Light Yellow or Brown
Type: Liquid glue
MOQ: 210kg/drum

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