H2203LM Color adhesive For Non-slip Pavement


  1. Excellent flexibility: Our polyurethane glue has excellent flexibility and can adapt to various curved surfaces and changes, ensuring the reliability and stability of the bonding part.
  2. Wear-resistant and anti-slip: The glue has wear-resistant and anti-slip characteristics, which ensures the long-term use of the joint parts and provides you with a safe use environment.
  3. Water Resistance: Whether in wet environment or water, our polyurethane glue can maintain excellent performance and ensure the stability of the connection.
  4. Aging resistance: In long-term use, the glue is not easy to age, maintains long-lasting performance, and prolongs the service life of the connection.
  5. Corrosion resistance of various media: No matter what media it faces, our glue can effectively resist corrosion and ensure the reliability of the connection.
  6. Excellent low temperature resistance: In low temperature environment, the glue can still maintain excellent performance, ensuring the reliability of the connection in cold conditions


appearance Coloured viscous liquid
Density                   g/cm3 1.05±0.01
Solid content              % 100
Viscosity                  CPS 13500±50
Surface drying time        h ≤4
Bond strength              MPa ≥8
Low temperature flexibility 25℃no change
Wear resistance            g/cm3 ≤0.0035
Elongation                 % ≥20
Flame retardant oxygen index ≥25
Aging resistance accelerated aging test has no change in 72 hours
Alkali resistance saturated Ca(OH)2 solution soaked for 15 days without change
Acid resistance 1%H2SO4 solution was soaked for 15 days without any change


(1) It is strictly prohibited to work under the condition of wet base or high atmospheric humidity.

(2) After mixing the mixture, the application period is 5-10 minutes, the material must be coated during the application period, due to climate reasons, such as the viscosity of the mixture is large, you can add an appropriate amount of diluent (ethyl acetate).

(3) During the construction operation, open flame should be prohibited and ventilation should be paid attention to.


  • airstrip
  • ship deck
  • color road surface
  • industrial floor

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