PU Glue For Color Steel Sandwich Panel

Polyurethane color steel plate adhesive, composed of polyurethane resin, fillers, curing agents, and possibly solvents, excels in bonding, weather resistance, chemical resistance, and structural support. Ideal for construction, industrial equipment, furniture, and automotive applications, it’s also eco-friendly due to solvent-free options.


The glue is superior in performance and operation. By adopting solidifying way of micro moisture in air and cohered surface, the glue line is no-dissolving and no-melting. Therefore it has been extensively used in metal plates such as color steel plates, galvanized plates and aluminium plates as well as inorganic boards such as paper gypsum planks, calcium silicate boards, glass magnesium boards, medium density board and ternary plates. In addition, it can also applied to fireproof material (rockwool, glass fiber, perlite, aluminosilicate fiber felt), heat insulating material (EPS FWB foams,XPS, rigid PU foams), sound-proof material(paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb) and finishing material(melamine board).


Item Reference value Test method
A resin B curing agent
Color/Appearance White tan visual
Ratio 5 1
Density (g/cm3, 25 ℃) 1.50~ 1.70 1.10~ 1.30 GB/T 13354-1992
Viscosity (cps, 25℃) 12000~18000 150~350 GB/T 2794(Brookfield Viscometer)


  • Color Steel Plate in Construction: Polyurethane color steel plate adhesive is extensively used in the construction industry for securing and sealing joints between color steel plates. It effectively resists UV radiation, rain, and atmospheric pollutants, ensuring the exterior walls of buildings remain strong and aesthetically pleasing over the long term.
  • Industrial Equipment: In industrial settings, this adhesive is commonly employed for bonding and sealing the color steel enclosures of various equipment and machinery. It withstands high temperatures, chemical substances, and mechanical stress, ensuring that equipment performs efficiently even in harsh conditions.
  • Furniture Manufacturing: Polyurethane color steel plate adhesive can be used in the furniture manufacturing sector to bond color steel plates to furniture surfaces, providing an attractive appearance and durability. It can also be used in the production of outdoor furniture due to its resistance to humidity and temperature fluctuations.
  • Automotive Industry: In automotive manufacturing, this adhesive is used for bonding and sealing color steel components of vehicles, such as body panels and doors. It not only provides structural support but also helps reduce noise and vibration.
  • Environmental Benefits: Polyurethane color steel plate adhesive is typically solvent-free, meaning it does not release harmful chemicals during application, making it environmentally friendly and compliant with environmental regulations.


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