Polyurethane Glue For Floor


  1. High Bonding Strength: Polyurethane flooring adhesive is renowned for its remarkable bonding strength. It forms a strong and secure bond between the flooring materials and the substrate, ensuring long-lasting adhesion. This high bonding strength contributes to the overall durability of the flooring installation.
  2. Good Stripping Strength: Alongside its strong initial bond, polyurethane adhesive also exhibits excellent stripping strength. This means that once applied and cured, it resists delamination or separation of the flooring materials from the substrate, even under stress or heavy foot traffic. This quality ensures the longevity and reliability of the flooring system.
  3. High and Low-Temperature Resistance: Polyurethane adhesive is engineered to withstand a wide range of temperatures. It remains stable and effective in both high-temperature and low-temperature environments. This versatility makes it suitable for installation in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations without compromising its adhesive properties.
  4. Aging Resistance: Polyurethane flooring adhesive is highly resistant to aging and degradation over time. It maintains its adhesive performance and physical properties, even after prolonged exposure to environmental factors such as UV radiation, moisture, and wear and tear. This resistance to aging contributes to the longevity of the flooring system.
  5. Convenient Construction: The convenience of working with polyurethane adhesive is another notable advantage. It is formulated for easy and efficient installation. Its consistency and curing time are typically designed to facilitate smooth and hassle-free construction processes. This convenience can save time and labor costs during installation.

Curing time

(1) The curing time of the adhesive can be adjusted within 15min to 8h according to the user’s requirements, and must be pressed with a press within 1/4 of the curing time, otherwise the bonding strength will be affected (if the user requires the curing time of the adhesive provided by the factory to be 1h, it must be carried out within 15min from the glue coating to entering the press).

(2) If the user has a hot press, the curing time is 15min when the press temperature is 80 ° C ±20 ° C.

Pressure curing

after scraping, you can cover the adhesive, enter the press or vacuum blister, if not warm pressure 5 ~ 6 hours can loosen the press, such as heating to 80 ~ 120 degrees pressure 20 minutes can loosen the press, after loosening the press can enter the next process, but do not destructive test, to 3 ~ 4 days to the best strength.


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